Wines and Wine Tasting


My interest in wines has been around since my first summer job as a student when I worked in Avery’s of Bristol in the cellars. I learned about binning, bottling, labelling and the smell of the cellars has never left me – that damp, rich, slightly vinegary, musty smell in the depths under Park Street.

In the hotel industry I worked in many roles but one of my earliest was as the cellarman and then wine waiter where I learned about the service and theatre of wine as well as the hard graft of moving barrels, stacking crates and maintaining stock records.

I am now qualified to WSET3 – which is the Advanced Wine and Spirit Education Trust level and I hold a personal alcohol licence. This allows me to run wine tastings and events which introduce people to the fascinating and frequently misunderstood world of wine.

I am a reverse snob when it comes to wine. I am not interested in making people feel inadequate by quoting vintages and citing using language that mystifies. I want people to discover the wine that suits them and the occasion, whatever their budget and whatever their current level of experience. My real joy is that people learn something they didn’t know before the event and their confidence to explore is increased.

Whether it’s a single grape tasting (Pinot Noir’s a favourite topic) or comparing well known and little-known sparkling wines or discovering new and emerging wine producing areas, I love to make it an entertaining as well as an educational experience.