This is a passion not just an interest. I have been around music for a long time. All sorts of music – from Handel to Hendrix (they both lived at the same address in London by the way) and everything in between.

I’m a classically-trained baritone and continue my learning by working with skilled teachers, being part of a choir, listening to a lot of things and studying music theory as I now learn to play the piano. I’ll never be a pianist – but one day both hands will move when I want them to and press the keys at about the right time…and if I can do that as I sing that will be great.

For many years I wasn’t in a choir – my international travel meant I couldn’t commit to weekly practice and concerts. I did a lot of solo work and entered quite a few competitions (and won a few cups).

I love to contribute to celebrations, weddings, funerals and memorials and make them more memorable with live music. Of course, my repertoire is more towards classical music – sacred, twentieth century, oratorio and lieder – but I can turn my hand (vocal cords?) to more modern pieces too. I was called to France to sing “Love Me Tender” as a surprise for a groom’s entrance at a wedding because it was his favourite song and I sounded like Elvis when I sang it!

As well as singing I organise concerts for good causes and particularly enjoy arranging “scratch” performance of things like Faure and Mozart requiems.


I can sing at your wedding

I wrote a piece for Richard and Cassie’s wedding and sang it to them at the reception

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Music at funerals allows people to reflect and connect with their memories and reflect.  I can help you choose the right music

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Charity events 

International Woman’s day