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Ellis Hook was the first donor and his sister Frances and brother Clive are celebrating 50 years of kidney transplants at Southmead Hospital and the life opportunity that Ellis gave to a local family.

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Faure Requiem Concert

My brother Ellis was the donor for the first ever kidney transplant at Southmead Hosptial in 1968. The concert will include the Faure Requiem in full as well as the Cantique de Jean Racine and other pieces which celebrate the memories of loved ones – including a specially written requiem to Ellis for soprano voice and organ with his sister Frances as soloist. Join us for beautiful music and a glass of wine or soft drink and snacks. Come and listen or - if you know the Faure - be an active part of the choir. Tickets now on sale for audience and singers

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Such Sweet Sorrow - Songs and Music of Farewell

The poignant music of farewells, memorials and requiems brought together in a concert that helps us bring to mind those beautiful memories, the pain of parting and the hope of meeting again. Join us for music from across the spectrum of sacred and secular to celebrate The Great Big Kidney thank You - 50 years of kidney transplants at Southmead Hospital. We're here to give thanks for the miracle that has brought life and hope to others at a time of loss and darkness for some.

All proceeds to Southmead Hospital Charity Transplant Fund

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FREE Family Thank You Party Day

Come and celebrate 50 years of kidney transplants in Bristol, as part of The Great Big Kidney Thank You for donors, donor families, recipients, hospital staff and anyone with a connection to the life-saving and life-giving work.

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